• Vlad Voinescu

Sound Recordist

Vlad was born in 1985. He studied film editing and sound at the National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC) Bucharest. In 2007, he attended the documentary workshop "Aristoteles", where he worked on the short film "The Flying Shepherd”, with Cătălin Muşat and Marius Iacob. After graduation, he founded a small sound studio, with Filip Mureşan, intended for young filmmakers and artists. That is where he worked on various films, documentary and fiction, as well as sound for exhibitions. Selective filmography: "Adalbert’s Dream" (Gabi Achim), "24 Buckets, 7 Mice, 18 Years” (Marius Iacob), "Turn off the Lights" (Ivana Mladenovic), "A Month in Thailand" (Paul Negoescu), "The World According to Ion B." (Alexander Nanau), "Quest" (Ionuț Piturescu).


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