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Acter & Producer

"I am happy that the film was a festival success and that I personally got incredibly positive reactions. I hope we will follow the same line after the premiere in September. “Love Building” is my comeback film."

Alexandru Papadopol studied acting at the Film and Theatre University of Bucharest and graduated in 2002. During his university studies, he was two times selected in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes Film Festival. He was awarded the Best Actor by the Romanian Filmmakers Union in 2003, for playing Luci in the feature film “Occident” directed by Cristian Mungiu, and the award for the Best Male Actor for the role Ovidiu in “Stuff and Dough” directed by Cristi Puiu, awarded at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. He played one of the lead roles of the feature “Love Building” (director Iulia Rugină), with Dragoş Bucur and Dorian Boguţă. He played in: “Războiul sexelor”/“The War of the Sexes”, “Iubire de soră”/“A Sister’s Love”, “Lacrimi de iubire”/“Tears of Love”, “E dreptul meu!”/ “It’s My Right!”, “Daria, iubirea mea”/ “Daria, My Love”, “Păcatele Evei”/ “Eve’s Sins”, “Raport despre starea națiunii”/ “Report on the State of the Nation”, “Numai iubirea”/ “Only Love”, “Călătorie de vis”/ “Dream Journey”, “Occident”, “Marfa și banii”/ “Stuff and Dough” and “Love Building”. As a producer of Actoriedefilm.ro, Alexandru produced five short films, seven medium-length films and one feature film, “Love Building”, which will be released on the big screen in Romania after its premiere, on September 13th.

Acter & Producer

"Love Building was, above all, a bet with myself, with us, with the school! My first time as a producer of a feature film, with Dragoş and Papi, was a real challenge. The film is worth watching, because we put so much soul into making it and I wish it had a long and intense life on the big screen, because a lot of people will find themselves in it."

Dorian Boguţă was born in 1971, in the Republic of Moldova. He studied acting at the Theatre and Film University "Rhota Rustavelli" in Tbilisi, Georgia. Between 2000 and 2002, he taught at the University of Film in Bucharest. He played in many Romanian and international short and feature films. In 2009, he wrote and directed "10”, a short film selected at the Transilvania International Film Festival and Anonimul Film Festival. His second short film, "De azi inainte"/ " From Now On” (2012) was awarded the Best Romanian Short Film at NexT Film Festival and was selected by international film festivals such as Torino IFF, Mons International Love Film Festival and Namur IFF. With Dragoş Bucur and Alexandru Papadopol, he produced and played in the feature film "Love Building" (2013). He has just finished "KAZIMIR", a horror short film, part of the "Omnibus Anonimul" project.

  • Acter & Produer

    "10 days of shooting, 34 actors, € 50,000, 3 friends, 1 director, 3 scriptwriters, 83 minutes of high quality comedy and 1 dream come true: making a film without going through any casting call :)"

    Dragoş Bucur studied acting at the National Film and Theatre University of Bucharest and made his debut as a drama actor of “Podul” theatre, founded by Professor Cătălin Naum. For five years, Bucur had roles in numerous plays and was an acting teacher at various theatre and film faculties. He started film acting in “Stuff and Dough” directed by Cristi Puiu (selected in the Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes, 2001) and in “Furia” / “The Rage” directed by Radu Muntean, a role which brought him the Best Actor award granted by the Romanian Filmmakers Union. Dragoş also played in Radu Muntean’s next films, “The Paper Will Be Blue” (2006) and “Boogie” (selected in the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, 2008), in which he was the leading actor. Dragoş Bucur was also the actor in the leading role of “Police, Adjective” (2009) directed by Corneliu Porumboiu (Jury Award and FIPRESCI Award in ‘Un Certain Regard’, Cannes, 2009), the feature film that Romania submitted to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film category, the 2010 edition. In the feature “Love Building” (director Iulia Rugina), Dragos plays one of the protagonists, with Dorian Boguţă and Alexandru Papadopol.

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