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I believe this project marked, at least emotionally, everyone involved in it, be they actors or the production team. The fact that I met special people, shared new experiences, had such examples and role models to follow as the three mentors (Dragoş, Doru and Papi) and worked with a highly professional team, all these could only be an achievement which gave me personal satisfaction.

:)… That is what “Love Building” means for me. I could think of any day, moment or second related to “Love Building’ and that is enough to put a smile on my face. “Love Building” is a start, a chance, an adventure that took me to discover new things about myself, to meet wonderful people, to experience new feelings, professionalism, funny moments, happy moments, sadness, that special kind of sadness that’s good for you, because it makes you feel alive, because it simply makes you feel!!!

Quite paradoxically… even though the shooting was so short and concentrated, I didn’t feel it was a hard one. It was all very professional, still in a relaxed atmosphere. Our enthusiasm merged with the enthusiasm of our cast mates, our students of the acting school. The best memories are those of the collective sequences and of the night when we shot the scenes with the campfire. Everybody enjoyed their own part, their role.


It was impressive to watch closely the professionalism and creativity of our trainers, Dragoş, Doru and Papi. It was quite incredible to see them go on, take after take, with the same level of concentration and precision. An example to follow!

Emotion, enthusiasm, discipline, beginning, friends, a hobby turned into a profession (I hope), a team who taught me a lot in such a short amount of time. That is what “Love Building” means for me.



“Love Building”. Actor in a film... That is, by far, the most beautiful feeling one can experience. It is... magic. During one of our night shoots, after many takes from different angles, I heard: “Let’s shoot it once more, like this!... And… Action! Camera… rolling! Happy Birthday to You!!!... Happy Birthday!...” I was so immersed in what we were doing there, that my birthday was the last thing on my mind. They were all wearing paper helmets, blowing party horns, someone was bringing in heavy cakes, and on a huge board I could read “Happy Birthday, Bogdan!”. I was so surprised, because at that moment, for me it was the least important thing to think of. Now, as I recall it, that still seems so unreal. I usually don’t dream such nice dreams.

What I learned is that putting soul into what you do makes a huge difference. I wish I could go through the same wonderful experience again and I hope there will be Love Building 2.:)

A dream come true, a winning bet, an example of “do it like that”! A true film acting lesson offered as a gift by the three teachers whom I could watch and listen to eagerly and carefully, fully aware of the fact that it was the best lesson we could get during the classes attended at Actoriedefilm.ro. For 10 days, I felt like a real actress, surrounded by people who believed in me, and that washed away the fatigue and the pressure of the 10 marathon days, when I kept my smile and a permanent desire of doing the best I could!

Since the moment they told us about the film until the moment the shooting started, I felt like I was in a dream. Even on the Saturday before the shooting, when we met to iron clothes, cut paper hearts and try our costumes for one last time, everything seemed unreal. It was the most beautiful experience of my life so far.

First of all, we tried to make the atmosphere as professional as possible. In the end, it didn’t really matter if one had already made 20 films or was on set for the first time. We were a team, led by the motto ”all for one, one for all”. And when one tended to forget that we were all taking the same route, hand in hand, it was not hard at all to bring him down to earth.

Shooting “Love Building” was an energy shot for me! Do you know the feeling of working in a team where everybody wants to do things? There is no “I’m not in the mood”, there are no bored faces, no one asks anyone why they don’t get paid better, all the efforts go in the same direction: to get good results! And that is the kind of atmosphere one doesn’t see often at work or in the street.

For me, “Love Building” is a project I am proud to have taken part in, where I met people whom I could team up with even after the shooting of the film was over. If I were to express in one word what I feel like when remembering the shooting of “Love Building”, that word is “INTENSE”.


“Love Building” is the first love, in this particular case it is love for film, that pure and simple thing which you fall in love with and try to understand, which you like, in which you invest time, passion and so much more, and wish it would never end.

I frankly admit that for me the most beautiful shooting day was the shooting of the kiss scene. The takes lasted for half a day :)

“Love Building” was the challenge of an enthusiastic group of people who responded to the enthusiasm and catching optimism of the ones who had the idea of making the film. Dragoş, Papi, Doru, Iulia. This project confirmed my belief that it is still possible to have miraculous encounters with people who would do everything for an idea they truly believe in.

I remember one of the nights when we were shooting and I was so dead tired, that I was making a huge effort to be there and focus on what was going on. In spite of my extreme tiredness (during the shooting, we never slept more than 4-5 hours a night), the moment I heard Iulia shout “Action!”, her voice was like a reset button for me, all my tiredness would go away, I simply stopped feeling tired. Then, the moment I heard “stop”, I would instantly come back to my initial state of fatigue, and that was beyond my understanding.

At the beginning of the fifth module of film acting, after having played in four short films, when Dragoş asked us what we wanted most from the school, I answered: “to play with you, to be your cast mate”. He smiled…

We were a big family. We all shared the enthusiasm and the fun of acting in this movie. We were laughing together, getting tired together, eating together and getting bitten by mosquitos together, on the set, at 2 AM.

“Love Building” is a collective debut and I thank all those who offered me the chance and tolerated me… In a word, everybody :). It was a wonderful experience of getting in contact with film acting.


I was delighted by the enthusiasm, professionalism and the solicitude of the whole team. Without any of these ingredients, it would have been hard to succeed.

I wanted to study acting since I was in the 3rd grade, knowing for sure that this was the perfect job for me. The shooting for Love Building made me realize that acting is not made for me at all and that, actually, I would love to be behind the camera. :)

“Love Building” is the outcome of everything that we had learned at Actoriedefilm.ro, the first film acting project for most of us! One of the funniest moments of the shooting was actually my first shot! I was supposed to open a beer can in the car, on my way to the camp, then chug the beer. I did that with 6 or 7 cans, that Iulia was passing me from under the backseat of the car! :))

I guess this film was like a drug for me. I don’t know how it started or when it was over… I only remember coming back to my daily routine, after the shooting was over, when I simply couldn’t find my place. I felt I was bursting with energy and I found it hard to spend ten hours a day sitting in my office. I was sad, I didn’t feel like talking to anybody, I preferred to be by myself, listening to music in my headphones. That’s why I’m saying it was like a drug, because it felt like drug withdrawal symptoms.



For me, “Love Building” is, above all, a very important professional experience. It is my first part in a feature film and my first truly professional project. Not even for a moment have I felt it was just an acting exercise at the end of the film acting course. It is my first step in a career I would like to pursue.

I had the chance to learn a lot from professionals such as Iulia, Dragos, Alex and Doru, who were very generous and shared so much knowledge with us. It was a personal investment (both emotionally and physically) that I don’t regret at all. I enormously appreciate the effort of the whole team, whose achievement is a proof of solidarity, commitment, determination and strong will.

“Love Building” is undoubtedly a turning point in my career, it is the change I have been hoping to make for a long time. After this film, after having met the extraordinary people who made it, I started a new journey and I’m now redesigning my life based on new rules. It’s like dipping your toes in the water, fearing it might be too cold. That’s what “Love Building” was for me. It let me try. And then I threw myself in.


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